dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed through thinning fog and parting clouds from the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge

Some of us have been praying for rain but maybe not so much for Mondays in the bargain, but here it is, the first Monday of the new year and the mountain veiled in mist, as if rain can’t be far behind. In the end, though, it was child’s play for our longing for wetter days….

Sorry Karen Carpenter, but too many sunny days can get you down just as much as rainy days and Mondays.

In the normal course of weather, if there is such a thing, the average rainfall close around Mt. Tam, such as Kentfield, is close to 49 inches:

Near Mt. Tamalpais, rainfall amounts are twice as high as the rest of the Bay Area, with San Rafael reporting an average of 37.5 inches per year and Kentfield reporting 49 inches per year.  – From the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s website