dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the San Rafael Post Office parking lot around the corner from D Street

A play of clouds and sun made for plenty potential photogenic drama today, but I was too busy to sit back and take it all in. Managed to slow down just long enough so far to snap a couple of pictures during an errands-run in San Rafael. Thanks to this project, I am discovering that during the winter months our Mt. Tam, which looms so green in my imagination, prefers a blue camouflage.



  1. pat #
    February 1, 2012

    I love the way we can see Tam from so many, many unexpected spots. I moved from Mill Valley, where my house had a totally unobstructed view of the whole mountain. Its presence was a huge part of my life, day and night. Now I live in San Anselmo where I can catch a glimpse of the peak, only from one room in my house. At least it hasn’t been removed from my life altogether!

  2. February 1, 2012

    This project has made me appreciative of the many views of Mt. Tam and the way its peak can pop up in the most unexpected places. Glad to hear that you still have a view of it. It’s not always easy to see it from San Anselmo, is it?

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