dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from Bon Air Road, Greenbrae

We are having spells of summer in Marin. Seems that February has been thoroughly summerized for this leap year. With lighter traffic all over, thanks to schools out for ski week, today almost felt like a typical day in August, when Marin seems emptied of people, cooled by morning fog, and heated to perfection by the fog-delayed sun. But I found a much better description of the ambiance of days like this one from the witty pen of  Anne Lamott in her latest column in Sunset magazine:

Northern California spring is not a nice orderly progression that you can recognize from any other part of your life. It’s a kaleidoscope. On almost any day, it can be almost any season. Hot, warm, very cold, rainy, then gray, then blue….Don’t get me wrong — there are aspects of spring that I do not like. Deer ticks, for instance, and everywhere you look, couples falling in love, and the air is saturated with the scent of giddiness and doom.

“March Madness,” by Anne Lamott Sunset, March 2012

Lamott nailed it for me with that “scent of giddiness and doom.” The heady onslaught of blossoms and the sense of a season missing as an omen for losses to come. Yep, “giddiness and doom” will do nicely to describe a day like this one.