dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed through a liquidambar styraciflua on La Cuesta in Greenbrae

The light these days … such a delight. I ditched the fancy camera, because even with all that pixel-power there is no way to capture the sheer shimmering sheerness of the air around us. You would think that on days like these I would head for the mountain itself for a closer look at the color that is beckoning from afar. I would like nothing better than to do that, but other plans have locked in the light of days that are still too short for now. Maybe next week. Of course, by then if the weather holds, the shimmer will be tarnished by the steady creep of pollution or tattered fog. And if the weather doesn’t hold this ambered spotlight, well then, there will be more gloomy pictures on display here later on…