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Mt. Tam glimpsed from the Panoramic Highway, Mill Valley

A sudden chore took me to the Panoramic Highway today and into the territory of the Mt. Tamalpais State Park.  Since my chore didn’t allow for lollygagging, the photo opportunities for capturing the the peaks from the other side for a change were rather limited. There was just that one mad dash out of the car quickly parked by the side of the road. All that frenzy netted me 2 shots with the mountain still just distant scenery past the bend in the road. Which brings me to my own small sinister “bend in the road” of posting the photos of the world of Mt. Tam as I see it from where I stand: the photo I posted today has been <gasp> altered in Photoshop — and not just to make it look a little prettier in tone or contrast.

Turns out that the first photo I took didn’t have enough of the mountain in it, since I was trying to follow the red-clad cyclist heading for the curve in the road to add a shot of color to the picture. By the time I shot the next frame with more of the mountain in it, the cyclist receded, taking all that red with him. And so I was tempted and then gave in to the temptation to play with time. After all, all photographs play with time, slicing through the continuum, creating a lie of sorts about time and place.

And so I took the cyclist and had him backpedal to an earlier spot in the road, stitching the time I lost to the space I found later.  Sure, saying that photos lie doesn’t let me off the hook of having altered the picture. But I have disclosed it, and below is the evidence: the original pictures as I took them:

And there you have it …



  1. May 24, 2012

    Great alteration.

    • May 24, 2012

      Thanks…. 🙂

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