dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from office complex parking lot on Tamal Vista, Corte Madera

I didn’t realize until I looked at this picture that there is a sense in which the cars, like lemmings with bodies of steel and blood of oil, seem to be heading toward the mountain obstructed by the pink house. The house, all rosy as if caught in a blush of domesticity … or, if you are in the mood I was in when I took the picture, that pink might be all the life that’s left from the blood drained by the leeches of suburbia.

That was a lot of big words and two long sentences to make up for the fact that today’s picture was taken on the fly…. But then, I knew there would be days like this. So let that first paragraph fade away and take the picture for what it is for you. Even if that is nothing more than the empty parking space between the two cars….