dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the Larkspur bike path

What the cell phone camera didn’t catch from this angle was the ghostly bowl of a moon hanging near the ridge of Mt. Tam. I was riding with a friend in the midday heat– just as I did yesterday –but we had plenty of shade along the miles of paths and bike-friendly streets.

I never tire of getting around Larkspur, which is not only a picturesque little town, but happens to be also a great place for getting around on foot or bike or bus. Though the “downtown” is small as far as downtowns go, there is plenty to do there. Within a few blocks there are boutiques, restaurants for every taste and budget–and covering a few continents in terms of the cuisine in which they specialize. There are cafes for lighter fare, theaters (live shows and movies, along with special screenings), grocery stores, fitness facilities and clubs, a martial arts studio, a florist, a stationery store, a bike store, beauty salons, a library and an art gallery. And there is even a church (St. Patrick’s) and a bar (Silver Peso) to be found here, nearly on the same block. Pretty much all these businesses are locally owned. A few of these shops have changed hands and wares (and interior decors) several times over the last 10 years; others have been there and in the same business, and looking much the same, ever since I moved to the area a couple of decades ago.

Though I live in a different zip code than the one assigned to Larkspur, it is Larkspur’s city hall I go to for permits — and it’s where my taxes go as well. On days like this one, when I spent the morning running errands and hanging out with friends, and getting exercise, all on my bike around town, I wish I lived in Larkspur proper, within walking distance of all this bounty at the foot of Mt. Tam, which, at times and from certain places, would look at home in the grander ranges of the Alps.