dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the Village Shopping Center in Corte Madera

Yesterday shortly after dawn, I caught a glimpse of the mountain all aglow and smoldering in the first rays of the sun. This afternoon, in the glance I gave it from the Village Shopping Center in Corte Madera, it seemed smoky to me again. This time, though, gone was the shine of promises the likes of which spring up with the freshness of the morning sun. Instead, what I saw was the settled haze of the afternoon, the day nearly spent  … as was I from the drudgery of shopping.

I used to like shopping. Years ago, when I weighed considerably more and finding clothes in regular stores was quite the challenge, I carried on until I carried home the bags filled with stuff. Nowadays, a lot more clothes fit me … which makes it just as challenging when it comes to making a decision what to buy, especially when I really don’t want to fill the bags, because I also don’t want to empty my wallet.

Is it any wonder than that my focus today is the haze?