dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed in a wind-patterned dance of clouds

Plenty of wind out there to blow away even the most stubborn cobwebs, but since I spent the day mostly indoors and in a car going to and fro running errands and such, I managed to keep the dust on my brain pretty much intact.

In fact, thanks to an accidental dial turn in my car’s radio, I managed to stumble back into the 1970s. The hits from that decade blared on as I drove around Marin, and for most of the time, I found myself imagining that I was seeing another mountain’s ridge, that of Grouse in Vancouver. Back in the 1970s, when these oldies were brand new, I drove around in a gold Javelin, a 1968 model, which I thought was really hot. What’s more, I also thought I was hot, especially as I was driving around  in my gold chariot … but that goes with teenage territory.

Anyway, here I was in 2012 now, going back and forth on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in my ’90s car, feeling hot … literally, with the windows closed because I was too embarrassed to be caught at stop lights with the music of the ’70s blaring from my car. Mt. Tam appeared and disappeared from view as I drove back and forth listening to the Beatles and to Gordon Lightfoot (good Lord, Gordon Lightfoot … it took me a little time to remember who he was…) and then Blondie, or Deborah Harry singing Heart of Glass.

That last one set the earworm racing in my head, so I thought I’d share it with you, my gentle readers. Here is a YouTube video of Deborah Harry singing Heart of Glass, capped with a hilarious thread of comments, some centering on the dark ages we had to endure before teeth-whitening procedures turned smiles into small flashing neon advertisements for new ways of wasting money.