dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the parking lot of Asher Clinic at Marin Country Mart in Larkspur (across from the ferry terminal)

What this picture can’t carry across the screen for your pleasure is the scent of the lavender in this morning’s mild breeze. The purest of organic essential oils or the priciest designer sachets could not capture or contain the gentle tap of that scent on the senses.

This morning follows the latest sunset of the year, which might explain why it seemed to me that we had such glorious light lollygagging all over Marin last night, turning the Corte Madera Creek into a river of gold and adjusting the shades of green relentlessly on the hills to play up streaks of yellow and tease out new shades of bronze, as well as igniting the dry grass into sparks of light in the wind.

With all that freshness and brand new brightness of the morning and its sweet-scented promise of so much more of this to come, you’d think I’d wait at least into the afternoon to select the definitive picture and then write about the day that was in this post. Instead, I decided to keep the morning fresh for posterity – well, for the day, in Internet time – even if it means that as far as living in the shadow of the Sleeping Maiden is concerned here, I am done for the day.

Which also means that I can now go out and live it up, without having to frame any of it in pictures or words….