dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal, Larkspur

Today is a cleaver of sorts, one that splits the year in half, or, if you consider the other meaning of this word, it is also a day that holds the two halves of the year together. Today also marks the halfway point in this project I took on to post a picture a day of Mt. Tam on this blog. I should have posted in the middle of the day to keep to things half done, but at that point, I was out riding my bike mostly at the edge of where water and land meet.

It would have been great to mark the day with a spectacular picture of the mountain, but as I rode by the Larkspur Ferry Terminal and caught a glimpse of Mt. Tam halved by the office building atop Wood Island in Larkspur, it occurred to me that the halves and halved areas in this picture are just what is called for the occasion.

Besides, the second half of the day had me going to San Anselmo to celebrate at the fabulous Half 2012 Gratitude Par-tay that @tamholland of Bean Up the Nose Art hosted to mark not only the half of this year, but also to help remind us of what may be some of the things in life we would like to have more of in the next six months, as well as of those that we would like to see a lot less cluttering our days.

True to the theme of the party and the day, half the crowd spilled unto the street to take advantage of the breeze that took endless joy rides through the cul-de-sac. Some of us hung around until the sun almost set, as if making sure we had a light and festive footing for the second half of the year.



  1. June 30, 2012

    Great pictures! Great post!
    Had not thought about 1/2 way point for year. I am glad for it! A good opportunity to refocus before end of year comes and I am left wondering where yet another year slipped away to. 😉 Always a pleasure,

    • June 30, 2012


      Thanks for the comment. Until Tamara announced the party, I didn’t think of the halfway point for the year either. We ha fun adding ideas to a list of things w want to see more of for the rest of the years, as well as to the list of things we want to see a lot less of in our lives. And we had great food and plenty drinks. 🙂

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