dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed through the windshield of the car on Altura Way in San Rafael

There seems to be some kind of trouble requiring road repairs on the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge that had traffic snarling both ways for long stretches along US 101 in Marin, so I took the back roads in the hills to get around. I stopped on a whim atop Altura Way to catch Mt. Tam’s rise into view through the porous haze of early evening, a time barely past happy hour.

I was on my way back from San Rafael Joe’s, where a small group of us has taken to knitting through happy hour on Mondays. I went mostly for the company and the non-alcoholic beer today, since my right ring finger decided to take a break from its usual chores – that is, it’s moving slower than the others, and, at times, gets stuck in place. Which is also why I am not going to write much more here tonight … to everyone’s relief (including mine!)