dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the path by the Corte Madera Creek in Greenbrae

It’s just another day in paradise, as a friend said when we ran into each other not far from where I took this picture. For both of us, as for a few thousand other people around here, this path by the creek is practically one that takes us across what we easily think of as our own backyard.

Take today, when in other parts of the country people are besieged by weather, here we are in mild temperatures, slight breezes, gently flowing waters, and glistening sunlight through the freshly aired air. Our dogs leap and run across the grassy banks, our children take to their training wheels or brand new bikes to discover riding with the wind, our husbands or wives walk off their sorrows or make surreptitious calls on their cell phones, our seniors lean on their walkers, or sit in wheelchairs with blank faces as they are pushed along, our teenagers sit on benches exploring each other at sunset in view of the mountain… Magnificent as it all gets in the light of seasons, as you can see, life on the path goes on, as it does everywhere … which is also why it’s another day in paradise.


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