dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, July 26, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in a blue sky

Some days are over even before they start. I hope this day is not one of those days. Earlier, when I took this photo of Mt. Tam, the sky was a brilliant blue, barely marred by the fringe of fog and tattered wisps of clouds. Across the horizon, a plane was flying high, though it is impossible to make it out in the photo.

In the last hour, the clouds have come into stronger relief, gathering closer to each other at the edges, knitting themselves into doilies scattered across the sky. The sun seems to be fading and taking with it the brilliance of the blue sky.

It’s as if the day has been bleached of its proper season. But if the world outside has gone lackluster, I can still play with the paint box of my imagination and so bring it back into a sharper relief of color and light.

Weathering the weather is the most mundanely automatic task, as it is also one of the bravest mindful tasks. The weather is given, but it’s what we don’t give to the weather in argument or feeling that keeps the color bright and the light brilliant over those vast inner landscapes where thoughts and feelings yield their crops.

Well, OK … here’s what I am trying to say, this time in plain English: Don’t let the weather get to you. It will shrink your world. But if the weather does get you, and lest you become boring talking about its minutiae, try to make a colorful blog post about it all and so mark another day of posting in this project….