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Mt. Tamalpais, August 5, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the alleys of downtown Larkspur

He suggested walking the dog by the creek. I told him I’d rather go on the path in Larkspur. Not because I prefer that path, but I thought of all the pictures I have posted here so far, morning, noon, and night, from the path along the Corte Madera Creek. It’s one of the easiest places from which to aim the camera, any camera, however haphazardly, and come away with a decent shot of Mt. Tam. You don’t even need Photoshop or an Instagram filter to add anything “picturesque” or faux painterly to make a visual point.

So we took the dog to Larkspur. The spouse was looking forward to picking blackberries that grow in profusion along the path through the town.  I was looking forward to picking the perfect spot from which to glimpse the peaks of Mt. Tam anew. The dog, as far as we could tell, she was looking forward to that walk that didn’t materialize until very late in the afternoon. But by that time, the sun, which had forsaken us yesterday, was back in the business of summer.

The path was one busy place. Little dogs, big dogs, leashed and unleashed. Kids running around. Kids on bikes. Little kids and big kids. I mean the “kids” in their forties sporting bright Spandex, the ones who had probably just made the descent over the Camino Alto hill and now were still pedaling away on the residual adrenaline.

I took a few pictures of the peaks, gently popping over trees or gabled roofs or peeking through palm trees. All pretty pictures. Unlike the one I ended up selecting for today’s post. Turns out that even though summer’s back, my mood is still slightly winterized from yesterday’s cool spell. But it’s OK; it’s Sunday. I can have a day off from all that cheer and hang back a little longer in the shadows of the alley. It’s not as if I had lost sight of the mountain, is it?



  1. 4holly #
    August 6, 2012

    Since I am pretty new to this wondrous site I may have missed this, but are you planning a book with the whole year of Mt Tam pics and texts? I would pay good money for that!

    • August 6, 2012

      Thanks 4holly … I didn’t set out with a book in mind, but I might just gather these posts into one later. Right now, as they say, I am taking one day – and one picture – at a time.

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