dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, August 11, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the bike path by Bon Air Bridge, Greenbrae

We agreed to meet around 8:30 am in Greenbrae by the Bon Air Bridge, from where we would bike to San Anselmo to yoga class. The “we” is the same crew, two friends and I, who assembled to ride from Larkspur to Mill Valley for a spot of lunch last Saturday.

Last Saturday was almost winter, what with the thick fog and mist and cold winds we’ve had. Not so this morning. Brilliant sunshine, with promises of plenty heat, but at this hour a slight and invigorating chill still hanging around from the night, and a sense of calm all over the roads, with light traffic. But it seems to me that the picture above probably is more eloquent about the state of light and calm than what I came up with so far….

Though I’ve been riding for a few months now, I have to confess that I haven’t been out on the roads this “early.” Some of my calmer rides have been just before sunset and right after rush hour traffic died off. To catch a taste of a morning ride, even if this late, gave me an appetite for more … and I will have more, next Saturday, when I am riding part of the Holstein 100 in Petaluma.

We rode along the water, then through Ross, to Turtle Island Yoga, a studio with a long tradition around these parts. This was my first yoga class in two years, probably, but just like they say about riding the bicycle, the poses all came back to me.

After our class, we rode to Fairfax, to Good Earth, for a bite to eat, and then from there, one friend and I headed into uncharted territory, so to speak. Neither of us had ridden past Fairfax before, so as we started to climb along Bolinas Avenue we kept checking in with each other: “do you want to turn around?” I didn’t mind the climb, but kept eyeing the other cyclists practically flying down and around the curves that somehow looked steeper to me going down than I was experiencing them going up.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a couple of minutes (if that) of climbing, we did turn around. With my heart in my teeth, but hands instructed to stay loose enough to lose the death grip on the handles, down I went and around the corners I flew. And when a couple cars passed me, I didn’t get tempted to hit the brakes; I just went with the flow that carried me already.

So now tired from the ride and stretched from yoga, and slightly blunted by the rising heat of the day, I am luxuriating in the lack of anxiety over writing the perfect post. The Muse Bank, the one I wanted to make a run on yesterday when I felt tongue-tied, is closed? Well, who cares! Not every day has to be wordy to be worthy.