dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamlpais, August 14, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in the morning

Tuesday rolls in slowly with scattered clouds in attendance. Not many, but just enough to cast a few long shadows across the verdant slopes. It’s the middle of August, perhaps the quietest of times in Marin, as all schools and colleges are in the middle of recess. Traffic is light everywhere, which makes it a joy to ride the bike. Grocery stores seem almost deserted, and it’s also (almost!) a joy to push the shopping cart down the aisles without having to dodge the garrulous pre-Kindergarten set with their miniature store-supplied “shopper in training” carts they hurl around the obstacle courses that their parents form as they stand around to chat with friends, as if they were standing around their own kitchens abut to start the party.

So yes, it’s a brief few days, and then the schools will start up one by one, and the roads will get clogged again, especially as more construction projects are also slated to kick up into higher gear about that time.

Meanwhile, there is this week. Not all fun and games. A week of some work, a little extra worry, and sensible workouts to get ready for my first charity bike ride in Petaluma on Saturday. The muse of blog posts is not that impressed, or even amused, by my output here this week. I can’t blame her. But then, I don’t have the luxury she has afforded herself to speak only when she can make something shiny out of the dullest moments by whittling and polishing the prose until it yields the light she’s after.

Nope, unlike the muse, who sets her own hours, I have to show up here every day, as I promised, with a picture and some words. So, here I am… and this is enough. I mean enough to show up, as I said I would, and to now to shut up, since I have nothing to say. Nothing that is beyond leaving a scratch in the vein of “Kilroy was here…”