dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, 2012

Mt. Tam, barely glimpsed beyond Patrick’s Office Supplies, from 3rd Street in San Rafael

According to my gadget that claims to measure the quality of my sleep, I haven’t moved or even stirred for nearly 8 hours last night. Dead to the world, catching up not just on sleep, but also on dreams. After a night like that I was ready to join my friend Diane on a walk through the hidden gems of San Rafael.

Diane, who has lived in the same location in San Rafael for a good number of years, walks just about every day. Her peripatetic outings have made her privy to colorful stories about a good number of houses of different character well beyond the confines of her own neighborhood. I couldn’t have had a better (and more charming!) guide to take me through the maze of streets hidden in plain sight and barely beyond the main arteries of the city.

Who knew that tiny stretches of streets in San Rafael could offer such a wealth of sights, not to mention abodes from ones befitting hobbits to the grander scale of titans, if not the mythical ones, at least those of industry?

I am very thankful to Diane for introducing me to a new city, in effect. I am even more thankful to her for taking my mind off worries and opening up a whole new venue for my next bike ride. I’ll be rolling through those streets in the next couple of days, retracing the 5 miles we covered as we meandered.

I am afraid that Mt. Tam fell out of focus for me today in view of the grander delights of this walk.