dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamlapais, October 5, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in the play of clouds

And so the play continues. The play of fog that put in a brief appearance this morning, not quite ready for the show, but staying long enough to deliver the epilogue. Then came the procession of clouds. Some blew in strong and looked like they had put on too much makeup, tinged as they were with the menacing shades of rain. Others skipped and hopped rolled in pink tulle. The stragglers, little tufts of white, like the proverbial lambs, caught a ride on the tailwinds and played peek-a-boo with their larger, more formed, cohorts.

The mountain has no stake in this drama. But it keeps stealing the show. Every time I look out today and catch a glimpse of the slopes lighting up, going dark, the trees coming in and out of relief, I want to go grab my camera and click away.  Soon it will be dark, which will come as a relief to me, not to mention to my camera. With the dozens of shots I take on days like this one, choosing a single photo to post is frustrating to the point of paralysis.

If I learned one thing from this project so far, especially now that I am in the last quarter of it, is to sweat a little less over choices. I am learning to give up the notion that there is one ideal representation, be it in pictures or words, that fits each and every day in the shadow of Mt. Tam. That on some days this letting go made for pictures and prose suffused with soporifics, is the entry price I have to pay for showing up without the necessary genius credentials for more than, well, just showing up every day…. But, so far, the fact that I did show up every day confirms to me the inherent genius power of a simple practice undertaken for nothing else but the sake of it. That, and more importantly, the kindness of friends and strangers who read here and leave a ‘like’ mark. So often, it was this kindness & support that helped the cooling embers of inspiration reignite the fires of the imagination.