dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, October 6, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed from the Tiburon bike path

Back in the saddle today. My riding buddy and I took off midmorning. We planned to take it easy, head for the flats as much as that is possible here in Marin. There is no way of getting from one town to another without climbing some hills here and there.

We fueled up at our local Pete’s then hopped on the bikes, and off we went from Greenbrae over to Mill Valley, via Horse Hill. The last time I rode that way, months ago now, I was still new to hill riding and had to get off the bike and walk to the top. Not once did I feel the urge to get off the bike this time around. Up we went, with great ease, then down we went, gathering speed to Mill Valley. From there, feeling good as we did, we decided to head to Tiburon, where we’d stop for lunch. And stop we did, and lunch we had on a sunlit deck with views of San Francisco and the bay, which was teeming with boats.

After lunch we lingered on the Tiburon greens taking in a bit of the show the blue Angels put on for Fleet Week. Then, back on the bike, and heading for a bunch of little climbs to take us to Larkspur. All in all, we climbed some 1,000 feet, it turns out. Amazing, when six months ago I had a hard time even imaging myself getting on the bike….

But even more amazing is how lucky we are to be able to spend a day like this on our bikes, riding through some of the most spectacular scenery in weather that is nearly perfect. Last night I had nightmares. I can almost imagine those nightmares being my actual life, and the day I am living today as the dream that comes as a small relief in the middle of it. But it’s not a dream; it’s real and the solid stuff of the moment lived, for which I am deeply grateful.