dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, October 13, 2012

Mt. Tam in a blur, as if caught  in the spider’s web

The sun returned this morning, refreshed from its sojourn behind the cloudy skies of yesterday and eager to flex its illuminative muscles that brought back color to the landscape. As much as I would have liked to explore the rivulets of fall color in foliage in our corner of the world, I could not. I had signed up to volunteer with the Biketoberfest fundraiser of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, and this had me as part of a crew in the information booth for the better part of the day. Once I was done with my stint, I headed over to the beer tasting tents, just as the sun was showering the late afternoon haze with gold dust. After I tasted a couple of beers, I found myself in another golden haze, one that had nothing to do with the sun, well, except in so far as the sun contributed to the gilding of hops or oats or wheat that went into the making of the tasty brews.

All this is my way of saying that today’s post is hardly more substantial than the foam in a freshly poured glass of beer. That I managed to remember to take a picture of the mountain is a small miracle. That the mountain is in a blur is clearly not an accident….