dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, October 26, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed at sunrise

Sunrise was as glorious this morning as sunset was yesterday. The mountain glowed, seemingly from the inside, again. Among the foliage, windows and other reflective surfaces startled by the firs rays of the sun, put forth sparkles worthy of jewel tones. The spectacular sunrise gave way to a spectacularly clear day with views across the bay that seemed to go on forever. We do have so many of these days in this part of the world (or had them so far, at least) that it is easy to take all this beauty and serenity, this health and calm, for granted. I try to not do that. I try to remember to greet the light with gratitude and to be thankful that it persists for as long as it does. And if you forgive me for cutting this post short here, I am about to head out to revel a little longer in the glowing of the mountain from the other side now, as it is about to be illuminated in bright hues from the western skies.