dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, October 31, 2012

Mt. Tam, impossible to glimpse behind the clouds

The first day of October burst upon us with 100-degree temperatures. The last day of October is about to end, having behaved more seasonably. Mt. Tam kept herself out of view all day, having already drawn the thick curtain of fog and clouds during the cover of darkness of last night. Though the landscape around my immediate neighborhood looked gloomy, elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area there was plenty of color, mostly orange, though, it being Halloween and the day of the parade for the San Francisco Giants, the World Series Champions of 2012.

I thought about taking my new bike, the Bianchi Zurigo, with its bright green (Celeste) handlebar tape, out for a spin in the wind and misty rain, but instead I spent the day catching up on chores and exploring Windows 8. And dreaming about the places this new bike could take me, should I train wisely and respect that aches and pains that trump the best coaches money can buy.

Already, as this project is drawing slowly to a close, I can see the beginnings of another, if not exactly one that involves daily postings. That new project has training wheels right now, but it also has big dreams. Century-sized dreams … which could translate into a new blog about old dogs and new tricks, or rather, what it might take for someone older than half a century to train for and then ride the 100 miles….