dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, November 1, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in the clearing of clouds

A spectacular show of clouds this morning. I kept taking picture after picture trying to catch such beauty in motion, an impossible task. Also, each picture I took and thought to post, revealed the seeds of a different day in the unfolding, making it unfeasible to catch in images and words what this day in the shadow of the mountain might be like even at the very moment of the capture of the moment.

In the light of so much changing light then, I knew my job to choose only one image for today’s post would be very difficult, considering also that the show continued (and continues as I write this). So then, at a whim, I chose to put away the camera in favor of getting ready to ride my bike to take advantage of the play of light provided by the changing skies from a different angle than the one provided by my camera lens.

If I were to paint an image in words, here is what it would say: For the better part of this morning, the sky looked like the surface of a sea of blue to me, with the clouds like a school of dolphins gathering for play. Only this sea was inverted, that is, with a surface suspended and its bottom invisible way up somewhere in space. Which meant that my school of cloud dolphins, when they leapt out of the depths of the blue seas of sky, they did so perilously close to the ground at the foot of the mountain. Perhaps this was more than play for them as they longed to moor themselves in shallower depths, hoping that the earth that would hold their shape, hoping that they could rest from the shape shifting that is their lot in the currents of winds that drive them here and there.

On a different note: I am noticing that these last few weeks the pictures of the mountain seem to have been taken from the same spot. I might consciously follow this course for the rest of November, after which the countdown to the last 31 days of the 365 should start.