dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, November 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed on the eve of the US elections, with a solitary flag across a ridge blowing in the wind

It’s the eve of the elections here in the US. In our part of California, we have been graced with another beautiful sunny and warm day. I ditched some chores and errands today so that I could ride around in this lull between storms. Along the ride I thought of all the ways in which I would write about the “regulars” I now encounter on my routes, a few of them homeless and looking in their element, if not radiant in the sun, and a few others well-heeled but not that healthy.

But it’s the eve of the elections, and rather than subject you to my prose, if you can vote, please take some time and go over all those propositions to make sure you are voting based on a informed choice, as I am about to do, and then go vote tomorrow. If you are still undecided about Prop 34 in California, go read Tamara Holland’s post about it: she speaks from the trenches, as well as from the heart.

Like Tamara, I to do not like writing about politics, but at times like these, I remember what it takes to be able to speak from the heart and to do so straight. If politics disgusts you and you’ve had enough of the shrillness and you see no viable choices, you should still go vote. Don’t let the spirit of democracy fade into a specter that will haunt history.