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Mt. Tamalpais, November 10, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in full sun

Brilliant light this morning, along with a frosty bite to the air. I so wished to get on my (new) bike and head out for adventures, but I am feeling under the weather – and not this kind of bright, sunny weather that’s gracing us, mind you. A cold, a touch of the flu, who knows what else… but enough of whatever it is for common sense to ground me today. Especially with plans for a longer group ride tomorrow. For which I already prepared by dashing to the store to buy a pair of cycling leg warmers. Only that in addition to the leg warmers, I ended up with a jacket as well. Apparently it will protect me from the wind. And if I am too warm in it, well, I can unzip the sleeves and turn the jacket into a snazzy jersey, just like that. Two garments for the price one. Two garments I probably didn’t need to keep warm or cool. But the jacket sure looks cool. So now I’ll just have to ride the bike (I mean bikes) more to justify the initial outlay and hope that my skills on the bike can eventually match the looks of the clothes I wear on the bike these days.

Cycling is turning out to be quite the dangerous sport for me. Not so much in broken body or bicycle parts so far, but in those frequent injuries to my wallet, which lead to a chronic condition called a busted, bled-out budget.

Still, if tomorrow I am feeling better, I’ll be on the bike, dressed to the nines, and ready to pedal, if not with enough skill, at least plenty of style…. And who’s to say that feeling spiffy doesn’t, in fact, add a bit of extra oomph to the power it takes from the legs to make the pedals move the bike faster?

And so it goes, with making a mountain out of molehills of justifications. The fact is that biking is fun. The clothes are fun. Looking good on the bike is fun, just as much as riding well on it is fun. Why not just enjoy the ride….


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  1. November 10, 2012

    Fun is a good thing!

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