dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, November 19, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed through morning weather

Weather. Whether to do this or that…. Whether it will rain or shine…. Whether all this weather matters or not…. But the weather, especially the way it plays out over Mt. Tam, still makes for plenty interesting pictures. I spent the better part of the morning reaching for my camera, trying to capture the shifts of light through the wildly choreographed dance of clouds. But how do you catch the moving light? It’s an impossible task. Maybe not impossible for the seasoned – or should I say weathered – photographer.

At some point in the afternoon, after chores were tended to and errands run, I headed out into the weather on the bike. Decided to keep on practicing with the cleats, so I drove over to Mill Valley and rode back and forth to Sausalito on the bike path by Richardson Bay. There was a strong wind rolling down from across Mt. Tam making the ride in the southern direction a little slow, or rather, a challenge to keep up with the goals of speed and cadence I had set for myself. But what a delight to have had a tail wind on the way back to Mill Valley.

Along the way, as I went back and forth, I stopped once to join another cyclist who was taking particular delight in the flight of the lone pelican that made a few lazy circles for us to enjoy its presence longer. My other stop was sudden and not really anticipated, as I thought I recognized a walker as an acquaintance from years ago … only I forgot that I had clipped in, and so down I went into the soft shoulder of the path. My second fall in cleats.

Other than that fall, the rest of the hour on the bike was a welcome to and fro for 3 times between Mill Valley and Sausalito. The clouds gathered faster and thicker over that hour too, and I understand from the forecasts that rain will follow soon. A good thing too, as I won’t be tempted to fritter away the hours on the bike, just as I need to speed up on chores and getting ready for Thanksgiving.