dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, November 23, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed in passing through Corte Madera

Another incredibly light-filled day, courtesy of sunshine and balmy temperatures. The mountain turning up here and there, but mostly in passing and through windows. Lots of things in passing today. It’s a day in motion, motioned in ever way. Pulled here and there, between the buildup to Thanksgiving and the letdown in the wake, I am now too scattered for a coherent narrative, however short that might have to be. Then again, the idea was to post a picture a day, with a few words, and not with a full analysis of my mental or emotional state drafted over the ever-accommodating slopes of Mt. Tam.

A quiet moment in the house, with the boys out. Just the whirr of the washer and the choppy barks of a dog from a ridge afar to chip away at the silence that is thickening  with the fall of night. The perfect conditions seem to be in place for the muse to drop by, but she’s off somewhere, perhaps still hanging out with her family at an Olympian Thanksgiving. Pity her, because with a mother like Mnemosyne, at that table in the nightless heavens, no incident, however trivial, can fall into the blessedly refreshing void of forgetfulness. It’s a long, long night for the muse at the divine homecoming. She’s propped at the table and has no choice for now, but to watch as the past keeps coming up with every dish that’s served cold or hot, sour or sweet, paltry or rich….