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Mt. Tamalpais, December 12, 2012

Mt. Tam glimpsed from Bon Air Rd. in Greenbrae around the time of a king tide

On my way back from yoga class, I stopped along Bon Air Road in Greenbrae to try and capture an image of Mt. Tam with this year’s huge king tides as its base. All over Marin where tides reach, they outdid themselves, spilling inland not just by slow inch but also fast feet. The water in the picture is not the widened creek; it is the marshland turned lake. The creek’s wide flow is beyond the berm that’s visible past the wooden bridge to which the road lies mostly under water.

I went to yoga class this morning because a friend told me this would be a special class, what with the date being 12/12/12. I’ve been to many, many yoga classes in my life, some on other special dates and days, so I wasn’t expecting much, except, well, a yoga class… And nothing much out of the ordinary came for me from the special class, at least not during the time I spent going in and out of the poses I haven’t practiced in a long time, including a delightfully effortless headstand. But after the class, and after I walked around the flooded paths by Bon Air, I had a little “king” tide of my own, with a flooding of emotions, suddenly and is if out of nowhere.

And though I thought about going for a fast bike ride, seeing how the sun kept hanging around today, with that yoga-driven flood of emotions, I remembered, with deepening gratitude, all the ways in which yoga anchored me, even as it set me free to go with the flow….



  1. December 12, 2012

    Sounds a little like a “flooding” I had yesterday while exercising at the gym. I wondered if they were triggered by relaxing the muscles, or were pure coincidence.

    • December 12, 2012

      Could be a combination of muscles relaxing and psyches getting all bunched up around this time of the year, on account of the holidays 🙂

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