dreaming in the shadows of the Sleeping Maiden

Mt. Tamalpais, December 21, 2012

Mt. Tam hidden in the clouds of the stormy morning of the first day of winter

Woke up in the clouds again. Not because of any miracle of rapture or other apocalyptic happening; it’s because the clouds have come down, once again, to near sea levels. Wind banged electric lines and tree branches all night, but so far, knock wood (very soggy wood) nothing has come crashing down and we still have all the lights on.

During a short break between storms so far today, I ventured out to run some errands in Corte Madera and Mill Valley. I could not have picked a worse time, even without rain. Crazy drivers, or rather, totally distracted drivers, making almost every unpredictable move on the roads. One of my errands was going to take me to a shopping center, but as soon as I got caught in the outer flow of cars lined up to fight for parking spaces, I took the first opportunity to leave the shopping center and head for local stores, where the bulk of my shopping was to be done anyway.

So, this is the season to be jolly? I don’t think I saw one single happy face today so far – well, except mine, when I got home, after I ditched my “to do” list and sat on the couch with tea and book nearby.

Looking out there at the world awash in rain and swaying in the high winds and in a misty darkness from the thick cover of clouds, it feels good to know that from here on the days will grow longer again, the light will keep on following us for the better part of the day, at least until summer, when awash in daylight we will have a hard time imagining the night coming back to collect the hours we will owe it by then.